Friday, January 24, 2014

Results: EclipseCon 2014 is returning to California... What are your thoughts?

The results are in!!  Earlier this week I posted a whacky poll, asking you what your thoughts were on EclipseCon's return to the Bay area.  Here are the results:

36 Im-glad-its-back-in-SF-I-hope-the-weather-is-nice

32 Im-still-hopeful-for-an-EclipseCon-in-Maui-make-it-happen

30 I-prefer-the-east-coast-less-time-on-a-plane

No surprise there.  I enjoyed driving to the last two EclipseCons but I'm looking forward to sunny California!

16 doesnt-matter-where-ECon-is-I-will-be-there

11 Im-glad-its-back-in-SF-I-will-visit-with-family-and-friends

6 what-no-beer

I have to keep my material fresh, so there were no choices for beer.  Sorry.  But that didn't stop some poll veterans from making up some choices.



Looks like I owe some kind folks a beer or two.  Less than 2 months to EclipseCon North America, see you there!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Poll: EclipseCon 2014 is returning to California... What are your thoughts?

There was a time when EclipseCon was as West Coast USA as the Golden Gate bridge.  However, unlike the bridge, EclipseCon has been to Washington, D.C. and to Boston, Massachusetts to broaden its horizons.  Next March, the favourite gathering point for the Eclipse community is returning to the bay area for its 10th anniversary.

So here's the poll: What do you think about going back to San Francisco?  Clickety-click the links below to cast your votes:

Next week I'll post the results!  Remember, no ballot stuffing or reverse-engineering of the polling process!