Friday, February 06, 2015

Using Bugzilla with a phone -- no apps!

Lately I've had to post comments on bugs but all I had was my aging Android phone with me.

Painful.  Just painful. Bugzilla's UI is dated, and that becomes even more apparent on a device.

Get used to zooming

There's a Bugzilla App, and I'm sure it's good, but I don't want to do Bugzilla on my phone.  I just need the UI to tolerate small screens long enough to do a few common tasks.

So I found Bugzilla bug 101865: support for small devices, opened in September 2001. Yeah, that's not very encouraging. But after some exchanges with the Bugzilla team, I felt encouraged and was motivated and decided that a prototype was in order.

Edouard jumped at the challenge and had Bugzilla running in Docker in no time.  After a few HTML tweaks and many (many) CSS magic tricks, he came up with a nice, as-responsive-as-it-can-get interface that actually works quite well on a phone.

Edouard's DuskMobile theme makes Bugzilla look clean.

These tweaks make it MUCH easier to log in, search, browse and comment on bugs using a mobile device. No app required.

We know that mature projects (like Bugzilla, and Eclipse) don't like big chunks of revolutionary change all at once, so we tried to keep the changes small and contained. Bootstrap? Not yet.  Small steps.

Nice work, Edouard. I'd be curious to see what you could do if we could change the nested tables to DIVs and could use Bootstrap.